About Us

SCHOOLS is a magazine published by the Town Crier community newspapers to guide Toronto-area parents to their educational options at local private and independent schools. This is its website, tcschools.ca.

The print edition appears four times a years — in September, October, November and January. The January issue also includes a guide to camps in the coming year.

The print edition of SCHOOLS is distributed to 90,000 homes in selected Toronto communities.

The Town Crier newspapers have published since 1978 and currently provide monthly and bi-weekly news to six communities in Toronto: Central Toronto, Forest Hill, Leaside, North Toronto, North Toronto East, and North Toronto West. Each publication has a circulation of 9,000 to 11,000 copies, for a total of about 60,000 copies delivered to homes and businesses in midtown Toronto. The Town  Crier has two websites: My Town Crier and Leaside Town Crier.


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